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Prices and delivery service are good

Since we got hooked on these cookies while vacationing in Kaui from California a few years back, we have been "replenishing" our supplies thru this company. Their shipments have always been fresh to taste and prices extremely competitive.

I really enjoyed it and in fact I just ordered more as of today.


Such a tasty little treat!


Got a chance to taste this amazing jelly when we were on the Big Island and decided when we got home that ordering a stash of it was necessary. Passionfruit Guava jelly is my favorite, and it becomes the favorite of every lucky person I gift a jar to. So, so thankful for shipping. Tastes of Aloha brings Aloha to Austin, Texas! Yahoo! Mahalo, excellent humans! I appreciate you.

Great taste.

This stuff tastes great. Amazing on toast. But, it only gets 4 stars because of the price. Will I buy again? Yes. Will I buy regularly? No.

Best of The Kona's

Of allof the Kona Coffees I have tried this one is my favorite. Great taste, never bitter. Consistent flavor from bag to bag.

Wonderful products and service

My friend who received this gift box from me said it was gorgeously packaged and so far, everything tastes amazing! Thank you for the quick service too.

Best Mustard Ever!

I travel to Kauai every other year and stock up. This past July I bought 4 jars and quickly went through them. Decided I couldn't wait for my next trip and placed an order online. So glad my family can enjoy the mustard year round :)


I bought this mustard to bring home while vacationing in Hawaii and had to order more shortly after arriving home because it was so good! They make great gifts too!

Soooooo good, reminds me of Hawaii every time I eat it.


I'm back! I didn't order enough! Our rural route mail lady loves this.
We started giving this as a gift to her several years ago and she truly
'lights up" when she sees it every year! We thank you and your family for
carrying on your family tradition. It truly is the best toffee ever made!

My favorite salt I USE IT ON VERYTHING

Unusually Bitter for Kona Coffee

We ordered a 5lb bag of the 100% Kona Coffee Beans and the first pot was very bitter and didn't have the usual Kona flavor we usually get from our 100% Kona Coffee Beans. This is our second order of Farmers Choice; first order was a 2lb bag to give this a try. We were very satisfied with the first order and thought we could save a little by going with the 5lb bag. We are very disappointed with this order.

Best butter ever

Love this combination of flavors and it's all natural. AND it makes the best peanut butter cookies ever!! Thank you for making this.

Get the Maui Jelly brand

When shopping for coconut syrup, get the Maui Jelly brand. It is much better. It was out of stock this time, but hopefully will be back in stock soon.

Amazing Toffee!!

This is the best toffee I have ever tasted. My entire family loves it. I bought 2 bags and they are gone. Time to reorder!

Addictive peanut butter!

I love this peanut butter and have ever since I first had it about ten years ago. I am so glad that I can order it online. For years I bought it at the market in the stadium each time I went to Hawaii but when I didn't go as often I discovered I could order it. It makes me so happy. Your customer service has always been wonderful as well.


the instructions are easy to do. and the mochi was wonderful


Best toffee ever! Stumbled on this deliciousness at the airport leaving HI. So glad I can order online. Will definitely make great stocking stuffers.

Pineapple Bliss

These Pineapple cookies are my absolute favorite . I feel like I am back on the Big Island when I eat these delicious cookies. You cannot go wrong when purchasing any of the Punalu’u cookies. A little taste of heaven on earth.

Will purchase again!

A box was left for guests @ the home we were leasing on the Big Island. I never expected to enjoy the cookies so much. They have a fresh, wholesome, homemade taste. Thrilled to see the store en route to the Kilauea Volcano. I crammed 12 boxes into the luggage — a few made to friends & family. Just ordered 17 more boxes because of the free shipping option. They arrived in pristine condition. More will be shared this time.

Familiar favorite flavors!!

My absolute most favorite flavor to eat when I can get my hands on it. Their version of Lilikoi butter is spot on. It gets spread on toast, pancakes, drizzled on yogurt or vanilla ice cream. I have to hide it or it is gone!

I'm addicted!

This mustard is the absolute best mustard I've ever had! I was introduced to it at a little shop in California that no longer carries it however I found it here! I truly am addicted to it!! The best!!

Gimme More!

I live in Ohio, but am compelled to order this Hawaiian granola. It's that good. We visited friends in Logan, Utah, last summer who had discovered the Kipimana several years ago and regularly purchased it. We've been ordering three packages at a time. This might be come form of blasphemy, but I mix Kipimana granola with Grape Nuts and top the bowl off with Cheerios or Corn Chex. Five stars all the way!

You and your friends will love this!

it's a wonderful gift for the holidays! I've never met anyone that didn't love it. Just try not to eat it all yourselves!