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Absolutely the best Kona available!!!

Love them

Love the taste, and texture. Size is small could be a little bigger may be, so if you are looking just for a little sweet bite these are perfect

Amazingly Delicious!!!

A beautiful vibrant royal purple color, adding a unique touch to whatever we add it too. The flavor is above all Ube flavored products. We utilize it making filling for our chocolate factory, along with fresh marshmallows and meringues. Absolutely wonderful product, hopefully back in stock as we will be needing a bunch this summer.

Absolutely the best for me. Definitely a first rate product. I recommend it for everyone!

Diamond Head Trading Co - Chocolate Covered Pineapple

Oh my stars!!! These are so addictive! I absolutely 💯 love these! As does my family and my best friend!! There is a reason why they are sold out so often, we just can't get enough of them! These Chocolate Covered Pineapple Pieces are soo delicious! Thank you!!

Hits THE spot!!!!

The best tart I’ve ever had!!!! My parents bought this for me and I was skeptical, DO NOT hesitate to eat the whole thing for yourself in one sitting. So here I am ordering more. Delicious crust, wonderful filling. Perfect all around.

A true taste of the islands.

I love everything about this pudding. Wonderful taste, texture & so simple my g'kids can make it without help. What's not to love!? The best thing for me is that it brings back sweet memories of my Daddy who ate tapioca all of his 94 years. Florida has the Fountain of Youth. Hawaii has Hawaii's Best! Yum!.

Great taste and not over powering. Fast shipping.

Really good seasoning. Fast shipping.



Ola Apothecary Coconut Body Butter
Yummy Coconut Butter!

This is one of the best Coconut Body Butter's I have ever tried. It's fragrant, yet not overpowering. So it totally takes you to the Islands.

Smooth and flavorful

Farmer's Choice 100% coffee is smooth and full of flavour. We use these beans in a European style espresso machine and get all the freshness with every cup. There are notes of nuttiness and sweet caramel.
The five lbs bag is a great value and ensures that there is always enough supply of our favorite beverage.

Very good

love it

Absolutely delicious, I had it on toast, and I made guava ice cream with it!


Great tasting tea

Not as good as the original flavor. Would not purchase again.

Not what I expected

Aunty Lilikoi Passion Fruit Butter
Dalan Courtney

Thanks a lot your companies been great to work with going to look at your website and see what else I can order just to give you business because I like the way you handle things PS do you have any recipes to go along with the purchase of mine of the passionfruit butter if so, I would love to hear about them. Thanks a lot.