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Brok' da mout'. So ono! Everyone I have ever given one to loves them, but I'm going to have to have a taste test with this one and the one from Big Island Bees. These are a bit more expensive.

Not enough!

Very good just wish there was more in the package or just make bigger bags.

Kulolo is good

I made the kulolo for my wife. She enjoyed it and said it tasted good. It was very easy to make.

100% Kona Coffee

This coffee is the best. I can drink it anytime and it does not give me the jitters!!

Sea Salt Toffee

The outside packaging was nice but the actual candy didn't look appealing so I didn't give it to my friend.

Fabulous service & locally made products

Service was super quick & personal. And my box was shipped to me at no extra cost. I plan to use Taste of Aloha for most, if not all, for my clients gifts. Plus I voted for this company for the Best of West Hawaii.

Great Taste of Aloha

Unique, quality products which everyone will enjoy. Excellent packaging and timely shipping.

Much better than the Brownie Butter Mochi

The regular butter mochi is much better than the chocolate version. I made it this past weekend and it was good.

Great Granola!

This is by far the best granola I have ever had. I love it with yogurt, fresh strawberries an blueberries. Great Granola way to start the day!


The Lava Flow syrup is great! And the delivery was very fast. Definitely recommend this product.


I love this jam. I fist had it in Hawaii on vacation. Purchased some to bring home. After it was finished was so happy I could order it on line. The pineapple and coconut flavor is awesome!!!

The best granola I have ever had! The coconut bliss just delicious. I use it on my yogurt every day.

Nice Kona coffee

I've purchased Kona Coffee for several years from various shops and had it shipped to the mainland. Farmer's Choice beans brew up a nice, fresh, awesome pot of coffee. I purchased the 2 pound bag 2 weeks ago, and will be ordering more next month. The order was processed quickly and accurately.

Brownie Butter Mochi

I didn't care for the brownie butter mochi. It was too spongy for my taste.

I’m always pleased with items that I order. I usually order for gifts for friends and family.

I Love this tea!

I toss a bag of this tea in a big jar of water and after a few hours in the fridge, it is the PERFECT drink on a hot summer day! I bought a few more bags to have on hand this summer!

Passion fruit mustard

My favorite mustard. Great for dipping pretzels, etc too. Introduced to it in Kauai but order it from West Virginia now!

Great taste

Best butter yet

Coconut peanut butter

The best tasting and freshest peanut butter I’ve ever tasted!


Got some when we were in Hawaii! Most amazing thing I ever ate!


The taste is well worth it!


Great taste


Great tasting for French toast and pancakes.


Wasn’t sure if I’d like this, so I bought a tiny sample jar at first. Needless to say, it’s incredible and I’ve since ordered the larger jar. There’s a reason it sells out! It’s perfect on a turkey sandwich with pepper jack cheese or with a mild white cheese on crackers. It’s now a staple in my kitchen.