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Our whole family loved this syrup! Simply delicious!

Best Tasting Coffee and quick order fulfillment by a great business.

This is the best tasting coffee. The roast is very fragrant and flavorful and you can taste the Aloha with every sip.

Hawaiian Jet Fuel

I first tried Farmer's Choice a few years ago when my friend from Oahu brought it home to San Francisco. I immediately fell in love. The beans are low in in acidity and has a light rich flavor that makes every morning feel like a morning on the shore. My friends and I have since renamed this coffee "Hawaiian Jet fuel" because it will get you going and keep you going long into the morning. I'm happy to buy direct from the source.

Passion fruit juice

Love this juice. I use it to make Lilikoi cheesecake. I learned about Lilikoi during our stay on the Big Island. We gathered our own Fruit and used the juices in cheesecake. It was wonderful and Aunty Lilikoi passion fruit is the closest I have come to gathering our own fruit! Wonderful!!!

Yummy Honey

Service was wonderful and shipped as expected. Nothing was broken. Perfect packaging and delivery. Thank you!


The KONA is the GREATEST. Thanks

5 stars

This lilikoi (passionfruit) puree is AWESOME. It makes creating anything tropical a breeze, from sorbets to baked goods to whatever you can dream up! Mix 1/2 cup puree with 1/2 cup sugar, bring to a simmer to dissolve, cool, and mIx a few tablespoons with fizzy water to make the most delicious homemade soda you’ve ever had.

Delicious treat

My son is obsessed with these tarts, ever since I put one in his stocking for Christmas. We were on Maui, and he fell in love, buying one last fix at the airport. I’m stoked to find these for sale here; i surprised him with one for his bday!

Macadamia Orgeat is so good

This is an outstanding sweet treat for many ideas! An amazing alternative to the traditional almond version. Highly recommend!

Sol Remedies Holy Cacao
Kate Agape-Lichter
Great combining!

What a good idea to combine the herbs and other energy enhancing things with cacao! I did find the drink over the top sweet for me and would prefer the powder to be sugarless and add my own sweetener at a lower level.

Love. Love. Love lilikoa wasabi passion fruit mustard

I am addicted. Love it on everthing. Also Excellent as a marinade for Salmon

Best Mustard Ever!!!

Makes all your delicious food even better!!!


We have tried several different Hawaiian brands of coconut peanut butter, and this stands head and shoulders above the rest. Perfect flavor and very spreadable - a party in my mouth! It's worth it to pay a little more for a quality product that does not disappoint. Thank you, Tastes of Aloha!!!


10/10 recommend.. I love love love this tea! Stock up on it

Yummy yum

Delicious tea alone & for cocktail too 😋 no sugar/sweetener needed.

I make a cup every night before bed. It’s become a new favorite ritual!!! It has helped my digestive system immensely.

Insanely delicious!

The absolute best mustard I’ve ever had!

Very tasty coffee

I love Kona coffee. Just 4 stars because I like the Volcano Coffee even more ;-)

Gift Box

I ordered a custom gift box for friends and it’s amazing. The package itself is nicely done and the products are wonderful. We highly recommend the lava flow syrup! It’s delicious!

No ka oi

Seriously. Over vanilla ice cream. Broke the mouth into a billion fn pieces.


The Macadamia Nut Butter Toffee is superb. Light, crunchy, yet melts in your mouth. Totally a flavor and texture delight.

Buttery Sweetness

We love the buttery sweetness of this tasty treat. The macadamia nuts gift it just the right crunchy texture. Reminds me of the taste of my grandma’s macadamia nut cookies.

Tastes like sunshine

I had this on a work trip/vacation in 1993 and it’s as good now as it was nearly thirty years ago! Thank you Tastes Of Aloha !

Awesome product

5 Stars, this peanut butter has just amazing taste,texture and quality combined.

Sooooooo tasty!

So glad to have found this honey while on vacation, it's great on everything! Now that we're home ordering is fast and easy!