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Very nice flavor.


Very aromatic and flavorful.


Delicious flavor.

Linda Barilla... This was a gift for my son. He loved the variety. Thank you again for all your help.


I absolutely love North Shore Goodies and this peanut butter is no fact I have brought my husband and best friend on board the North Shore boat everyone loves it and for it to be keto friendly too is just the bees knees. Thank you for an amazing product.

Hey pretty good not great

Prefer Aunty Lilikoi’s!

Disappointed to discover it had quite a thick, gloopy texture and more of a corn syrup taste compared to the Aunty Lilikoi version. Less bright, citrus, flavor and very unpleasant consistently that does not lend to easy pouring as a traditional syrup does.


I lived in Hawaii for 10 years and my favorite Sunday morning treat was pancakes with Mac nuts and coconut syrup. Can get pancakes and Mac nuts but not ‚Äėreal‚Äô island coconut syrup. It is the best!

Love this!

Really special. It’s a delicious, creamy combination of macadamia nuts, peanuts, coconut and honey. Hard to find in stores on Kauai.

Delectable tropical topper to anything

Ordered this version because plain passion fruit was not available, and was delighted to discover how amazingly tasty the addition of coconut flakes are! And importantly, the bright passionfruit flavor tastes perfectly tart and sweet. So delicious on toast, waffles, and I imagine most any other item!

My Taste of Hawaii

I have visited Hawaii many times in the last 30+ years that my sister has lived there. Each time, I try to add to my experiences, including culinary ones. Passion Fruit is a discovered pleasure whether in pies, syrups, jams or preserves. Those products have also become my "hostess gift" of choice. It is my way of sharing aloha to my friends.

Chunky, Crunchy Goodness!

A cacophony of deliciousness! Flavorful roasted macadamia nuts that are fresh & crunchy combined with other oaty, nutty goodness that gives it that chewy texture as well. I enjoyed the delicate sweetness from the honey and cacao along with the gentle notes of cinnamon and coffee. Cinna-Mocha Macadamia Nut Granola help bring Aloha to your table all day long. Fantastic on yogurt, or mixed with peanut butter, and as a base for oatmeal cookies! I even sprinkled it on salmon because I was out of panko, and it was a game-changer in the best way. Simply delicious and simply healthy!

Guava Jelly

Your Guava Jelly was delectable!

This Da Kine Pineapple Syrup is more than just a sweet treat

I have ordered this Da Kine Pineapple Syrup multiple times. Besides pancakes I drizzle it in salads, blend with fruit compote cooked on the stove, in yogurt and more. Not too sweet but filled with flavor its the perfect combination.

Candied Ginger AND Chocolate...Oh my

What can I say. This is a perfect combination of sweet and tangy. I treated myself for days and days with a few each day to enjoy these delicious treats. My wife had a couple and said: "Hide those now, and DON'T tell me where they are. Yeah, if you like candied ginger....they are that good.

Mark Gross
Lover of Tastes of Aloha

Awesome stuff

This is a great product! I used it to make a salmon pasta with mushrooms, capers, spinach and tomatoes. The flavor of the passion fruit really came through. I will definitely be ordering more.


This honey is lovely. It is sweeter than most honeys and has a special little something about it that gives it a unique flavor over other honeys I've had. I am thoroughly enjoying this in my teas so far! I also have to add that Taste of Aloha's customer service is truly exceptional. I had an issue with a damaged jar and they replaced it and had a replacement sent out in a heartbeat. The 2nd jar came perfectly intact and I am so excited to have a little taste of Hawaii every morning before work!


This honey is very tasty and rich in flavor. I was so happy to receive this and it came beautifully packaged and in one piece all the way to NH. We have an abundance of honey sources up here but the macadamia source is something you can only get in Hawaii. It is wonderful to be able to enjoy a piece of Hawaii so far away.

Love This Coffee!

I've been drinking the Volcano coffee for several years. I really enjoy the dark roasted flavor. Now that I can subscribe to regular deliveries, I'm set and don't have to worry when I can have my next cup.

Pineapple Goodness

I'm glad I finally ordered my own bottle. The very first time I tried was at my moms house when she made me pancakes. I fell in love with how balanced the syrup is with so much pineapple flavor and not super duper sweet. It was just right. Any how that's how I heard of this syrup. Thank you for amazing products.

Awesome Sauce!

Very good, well balanced syrup. Not too sweet but just enough sweetness for any dish. Absolutely love it! Leaves you wanting more!
Now I need to try the nut butters and sauces!

Taste of Aloha!

My wife had a small sample jar of Macadamia Honey from someone and loved it! So I got her 5 Jars from ‚ÄúTaste of Aloha‚ÄĚ. The packaged arrived in a couple days to CA. Wonderful product!

Great Gift Idea

Nice price for beautiful packaged gift set to remind friends and family of a past or upcoming trip to the islands ... great memories.

Excellent coffee!

We have been buying Kona coffee for over 20 years and this is one of our very favorite! Great customer service also.