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Steak Rub

I found this rub at a craft fair and love it. The sweetness combined with the salt make our steaks delicious!

Love this granola ! My fave ! Wish I could order larger bags

Aloha Hawaiian No Bake Cookies

Flavor was Hawaiian and I made wonderful aloha No Bake Cookies. I don’t usually buy non organic food but did this time. Your peanut butter added just the right flavor.

Great coffee

We split our time between Washington state and Big Island. This has become our go to coffee. 👍


I love this so much on toast and with apple slices. I could eat it every day and sometimes do!!

A must.

These are so flavorful and satisfying that my husband and I have to at least have one bag on hand at all times. Plus they are great for traveling and needing a healthy snack in a pinch.

Great except for unpopped kernels

I received a bag of the popcorn macadamia crunch in a gift box from a friend and liked it so much I had to order some, upon getting my order I was excited to open the first bag. Unfortunately I was a bit disappointed as there were so many hard unpopped kernels. I'm hoping the other bags will be better.

Pineapple gummy bears

The best gummy bears I have ever tasted!


Our friend went to Hawaii on vacation and brought us back a sample of the Kona. Man, was it delicious. We bought another bag and we just love it!

I love it!

Very flavorful and quality!


What a smooth, delicious coffee. No acidity whatsoever, just velvety goodness. Pricey but well worth it.

Very good.

Great flavor. Buy 2 as they come small. I have some on toast everyday.

Wonderful Bread Pudding!

This was delicious! Easy to follow recipe, and the results were great! I used a brioche bread that worked really well. It also reheated better than I expected! Great product that I will order again!

Awful shipping

Arrived as liquid. Terrible shipping. Couldn’t eat. What a waste

Awesome seasoning

We love this seasoning, it makes our steak and chicken taste so much better 😋

Savory vs. Sweet

Taste of Aloha was remarkably priced for the quality, exceptionally well-packaged, & received most expeditiously!
However, I prefer Old World's brand of pineapple mustard. Their fruity, pineapple sweetness is more balanced with the savory, spiciness of the mustard. Old World's also contains more pineapple bits providing a chunkier texture which I favor. But taste preferences are purely subjective & quite varied. So I would expect many to disagree with me.

Da Kine Hawaiian Hot Sauce
Shane Gianopoulos
My go to hot sauce!!

I put this hot sauce on everything! It is so versatile and delicious!!

My most cherished ingredient

While vacationing in Hawaii, every morning I had an iced coffee drink at Holey Grail (the best iced coffee IMO) and their ingredients included this brewing chocolate. I HAD to snag a bag myself to make the iced coffee at home. I have not been able to find anything like this in the States, and will always order this from Tastes of Aloha for as long as I can.

Cacao Latte: draft coffee, Manoa brewing chocolate, cashew/coconut milk.

A tasty combo!

So good that I bought 6 jars of this stuff……yeah! It’s that good!

The best orgeat I’ve tasted. Makes a great Mai Tai.


Would highly recommend.

Best Taste

Not overpowering unlike other liquid smokes I've used. Perfect for slow cooker kalua pork.

Love all their products