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Low Sugar Guava Jam
Damian Camacho
Excellent product!

This is the best guava jam I've ever had. Delicious!

Too good

Be aware that once you taste these you can’t put them down. It’s a small can and too easy to eat them all in one sitting!

Incredibly delicious

I first received the Big Island Bees Ohia Lehua blossom Honey as a gift from our neighbors when they returned from Hawaii. Once I tried it, I was stunned at the incredible flavor. I love honey, and use it often, yet I've never tasted honey quite like this one. I was so happy to be able to find it easily online and order it. Ordering and shipping were fast and easy. Thank you.

You will reorder!

This is absolutely yummy granola. I love asking my friends just to taste it and watching their faces as they turn into Hawaiian Granola lovers! I use it more as a condiment over yoghurt, or on ice cream or added to anything where you want a little crunch. It is so tasty that it improves anything you put it on!

Best chai

This is by far the best Chai tea and I'm a Chai tea junky who have tried multiple brands. The flavor is really intense for those who loves a good cup of strong spicy Chai. As soon as I opened the bag, the fragrance of cinnamon, ginger, etc is just soothing yet awake your senses. I've been purchasing this for years. Glad to find it on Taste of Hawaii.


The best light brittle!! So addictive! Can't wait to order more!

Great taste from the island

Use it with my hotter sauces. Aloha

Smoked meat fried in Mac nut oil

The big island has this thing with wild pigs eating Mac nuts , and the meat and fat is prized for its flavor throughout the island’s, only a few people know that secret. Well the pigs on Kauai aren’t eating Mac nuts , but I’m cooking them in it , so I’m kind of living the dream!😬

Tasty... but way too expensive.

It's very good, but I didn't realize the jars were so small. It's too expensive for me to buy again... unfortunately.

Tastes of Aloha - Mother's Day Gift Box
Nick Pike
Perfect for Mothers Day

Great variation of heartfully made local Hawaiian that made Mom stoked on Mothers Day. Also delivered ahead of schedule!🤙

Superb quality and taste

Received very fresh product with delicious flavor and buttery firm texture! Great for snacking and baking.


Just excellent, fast service and shipping. And the best ever tasting cookies!!!!

Stronger then the real thing

Excellent product just use less then needed

Absolutely love this coffee!

This coffee is not bitter and low in acidity. It's smooth tasting. I call it my little piece of heaven each morning.

I love this peanut butter. It surpasses all others and is truly creamy, delicious and exotic!

I feel like I’m back on vacation

My boyfriend and I fell in love with Ube pancakes on Maui a few months ago. I found these pancakes from Taste of Aloha and it transports me right back to Hawaii each time I cook them! They’re delicious!

Fantastic Product

A friend of mine purchased this in Hawaii-she has made Lillikoi bars and they are wonderful. I have bee using it in cocktails- addin a little to premade margaritas with a touch of simple syrup and Voila! you have a tropical margarita- also mixes well with rum-delish! Thanks

Love your product. I received some as a gift and I brew it with my coffee on a stove top espresso maker. It’s really good! Also, really speedy delivery.

A New Favorite

Great flavor and not too sweet (as many guava jellies can). I'm hooked.

Perfect for any Passion Fruit Cocktail

Passion fruit martini, a "passionate" mojito? An easy way to create great tasting drinks, this is sure to become my favorite ingredient for summer cocktails.

Start every day

My first taste of Kona coffee was on vacation in Hawaii in 1971. Since then, I will drink no other coffee. Taster's Choice brings back the Spirit of Aloha in every morning coffee to start my day.

Crispy Yummy Beef Jerky!

I can’t get enough of these crispy beef chips! Love, love, love these so much I keep reordering. The best snack ever! Thank you for delivering to Canada!

Too watery

I had high expectations as I had purchased a different brand of coconut syrup from you previously, but this one is extremely watery and with little taste. So disappointed.


We use this sugar when making mochi waffles. I love the taste in my hot tea. Next is passion fruit sweet tea!

I haven’t had a chance to open this box of jam. The second one was a gift for a friend, and her birthday is not till the end of the month.