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Delicious Cookies

Delicious Guava cookies


This is the best coconut peanut butter on the planet! I order a few a year and it always reminds me of my vacations in Hawaii. I will always order from Tastes of Aloha, the customer service is amazing and I always get my items on time and packaged perfectly.

Always a treat when I receive my order from Tastes of Aloha! The passion fruit jelly, shortbread cookies and Mac nuts are my favorites and always in my order. Thanks for bringing a little Aloha to NW AR!

Wonderful honey sticks

I hand these out to my staff and clients as a little treat, they are well received and something clients remember. A delicious little treat.

Delicous little snack

These nuts are very popular in my office and with my clients. Wonderful product. A nice representation of what our great state has to offer.


Picked some of this up in Maui and tried it when we got back to Oregon. It is so so good. When the bottle got down to about half I knew I needed to find some more. Tastes of Aloha has the best selection and shipping rates so I bought a couple more bottles and some other Aunty Lilikoi products. They were shipped quick, arrived quick, and were packed really well. I am so happy I found TOA and am able to get this so easily.

Game changer

Every thing I put this on turns into gold.

for the price, this is the best lilikoi syrup around

While I love the Nakihalani Farm lilikoi syrup even more, it's twice as expensive.

This is a fine lilikoi syrup.

As good as it tasted when we were in Kauai

We thought the cookies would not taste as good as home (California)....wrong, as good as they tasted in Kauai.

It makes the best coleslaw!

I recently had a Tiki party and served this slaw along with kalua pork and Hawaiian barbequed chicken (Dakine Hawaiian Barbecue Sauce) and it was outstanding. All the guests raved about it. I think it's the best slaw I've ever eaten. It's a solid mustard based salad dressing, but even if you just buy it to make the slaw, you won't be sorry.

Perfect for our virtual team party!

We are a virtual company with staff in Hawaii, California, Oregon, Idaho, Rhode Island, Massachusetts, and North and South Carolina. For our annual team party (on Zoom) our Hawaiian team member suggested chocolate covered ginger as a taste of Hawaii, so we had a packet sent to each member of the team so we could all partake together as we met virtually and celebrated remotely. Very yummy unifying experience. Thank you Taste of Aloha!

Hawaii Tart Company - Macadamia Nut Granola
Not as Good as Previously

I have never done this before, and hate to do it now, but I have to amend my earlier glowing review. Several years ago, I bought this granola and was delighted with how good it was: best ever! Since then I've ordered it from them multiple times, but they have changed their recipe so much I feel I have to revise my review downward. What used to be whole macadamia nuts is now just halves (and not that many of them). Also, the granola itself just doesn't seem as fresh, and the raisins in particular are as hard as rocks. The granola is still fairly good, and I hate dumping on them, but they've obviously made cost-cutting decisions that no longer make this quite the delight it was. If it had been just one or two batches that were different, I might not write, but it's been multiple. I for one would pay more to have it be as fresh and good as it once was; right now it's just not. : (

The absolute best Mochi Pancakes

I craved this while on prep for Ikaika Classic. It was so worth waiting for! Thank you to my husband who made it for me!! Enjoyed every bit of it!! Yummy!

Not so Ube Pancake Mix

I’ve been craving Ube pancakes all summer so when I came across this product I was so excited I bought 2 of them. However, I wish I had read the list of ingredients before I made this purchase. There’s nothing special about these pancakes. That’s because Ube isn’t even listed as an ingredient!! Lesson learned.

North Shore Goodies - Macadamia Nut Honey Coconut Peanut Butter
it wasn’t my favorite!!i

It’s a heavenly dessert for me…so so yummy

Absolutely the best!

I have been purchasing this coffee for more than 23 years. My first purchase was from their old store front on Banyan drive. It was love at first sip!
We purchase the 5 pound bulk beans and grind at our leisure, usually purchasing 5 times per year. (Yes, we love the coffee that much). I cannot express how great this coffee tastes and the service we get each time we order. From personal emails, to follow-up emails checking if we received our order, Tastes of Aloha is a class act with a world class coffee. I would give this company 10 stars if I could as well as the coffee. But be warned, once you have Kona, gas station/convenience store coffee will be off your drink list forever. Kona is a world class coffee ranking and surpassing (in my opinion) Blue Mountain Jamaican. Give it a taste, you will not be sorry you did!


this stuff is so good you can drink it straight from the bottle.


Perfect for recreating the Hawaiian mai tai - so delicious

Brother loved it!

My brother is a shortbread fan and I sent him a gift box from Taste of Hawaii. He said the coffee flavored shortbread was the best ever, and a great way to start the day. Breakfast shortbread!

great mix

I added it to my fried potatoes and eggs and it tasted like I added low sodium but with flavor. It's a keeper in my kitchen!

Kona peanut butter

This stuff is awesome. Small container so buy 2! I have to hide it from my family to have some

Perfect gift for Morning Aloha

This was a great gift for a coworker to bring a little Aloha to their morning.

Soooo ono!!!!!

I felt like I was back home having breakfast with my Kona coffee, sweetbread and guava, coconut butter and guava jam.

Subtle flavor

I like the subtle flavor - not too sweet ot acidic. Only complaint is that there weren’t a lot of
In the package!