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A great gift idea

I gave as a gift to my girlfriend. She loved all the flavors! Will purchase again!

Yummy mochi

This is the most closest taste to butter mochi my sister makes, that means it’s right on.


I purchased the Macadamia Nut Orgeat GREAT PRODUCT, Fast Shipping, Good company follow up.

Favorite all time

This butter has the most amazing flavor!! It has tiny bits of coconut at times. Crunchy is my favorite but not always available. So worth the wait on shipping and with keto I can have.

Awesome Sauce!

We sent this Hawaiian Bar-B-Que sauce collection to my father who is an avid griller a d he said they were so good. Fast shipping and great customer service made this a purchase we will definitely do again!


Product was excellent I would recommend and order again. If you cannot find locally. This was a great company to order from.

Unique and lovely

The rose petals give a unique floral flavor!

Amazing Peanut Butter

Absolutely love the taste and can hardly wait to order again!

I should have bought more

To start, I was shocked at how quickly this got to me here in Utah! The coffee itself tastes incredible, and as a person with GERD (who will never give up coffee), I appreciate the low acidity of Kona Coffee as I don't need to regret drinking it later in the day.

Great gift set for the pancake lover

Super delicious pancake mix and guava syrup. Great delivery

Box of Aloha

The coffee and pancake mix were really good. The coconut syrup was absolutely the worst I’ve ever had.
Very bad fake flavor. I threw it out
Guava is much better

Kahuku Farms Lilikoi Balsamic Dressing
Almost there...

I enjoy this dressing although I'd like to taste the Lilikoi just a little more. Would also like it to come in a larger bottle.

A box of happiness.

I haven't had a chance to make pancakes yet. But let me say that the coconut syrup....yum! Wasn't sure how I'd feel about it. But it's so good! I'm also looking forward to trying the coffee! Such a great box. And such a great company!


My parents brought this back as a gift from vacation. I had to look it up to see if I could by some more. It's sooo good.

Really excellent product.

Previously, I'd only purchased Chen Jiah Juang passionfruit puree from Taiwan. It was very high-quality. However, it became impossible to source during COVID, so I looked elsewhere. This is the same excellent quality (and unsweetened), but far less expensive, and made in America. I feel very silly I paid more for an international product, when the same quality product was available from Hawaii at a lower cost. This is a great product, and you get to enjoy being able to purchase it for pennies on the dollar, relatively speaking.

Love this syrup!

All the previous posts echo exactly my thoughts. This wonderful syrup will lift your breakfast to a whole new level. Once you try it, I think you'll be hooked. The jams from this company are just as wonderful. Brings a smile to my face and mentally takes me back to a lanai on Hawaii whenever we use it.

Can't get enough!!!

This is THE BEST mustard I have ever had. I put it on everything, I even choose what I eat based on what I can put this amazing mustard on. I will be back many more times! Great flavor, just the right amount of spice. Yum!

So delicious

I discovered this wonderful peanut butter and it is now my all time favorite.
I love the smooth consistency and peanut butter/coconut flavor is a perfect balance!

Amazing product and amazing customer service!

We love this product SO much, but it was made even better with how quickly Tastes of Aloha shipped 😍

So good and yummy! BIG fan!

I’m so grateful I can get this online. Because it is always a must have item to bring back from Kauai. I use it on steaks, chicken wings and anything else I can think of. Honestly the BEST Spicy Mustard and Habanero is my other favorite as well. Neither are very spicy. The flavor is so yummy. You won’t be disappointed.

Love this mustard!

I have been a fan of the Wasabi Mustard but I’m now a huge fan of this one too. It is so good and not too spicy. But I love spicy mustards. But the Habanero & Wasabi are by far the BEST EVER! I use it with steaks, chicken wings, and anything I can think of because it is de Bomb!

You need this in your life

This is one of the several flavors that caught my eye (practically forcing me to place my first order) lol. Kona & PB? What an amazing combination. So versatile, wether you’re someone who likes to drizzle it over some oatmeal, add it to your favorite smoothie, use it as a dip for a yummy apple snack, spread it on some bread, or just eat it with a spoon. THIS..IS...A-MAZING!

Paradise in a jar

I ordered several different peanut butter flavors to try and all I can say is, wow! I’m not a huge PB lover but the flavors were all so unique, I felt I needed to give them a try. I’m so glad I did. Customer for life.

Well worth the price

I've been buying this coconut-peanut butter for about 8 years now, first discovered it at the Swap Meet! SO glad I can now get it through Tastes of Aloha! Creamy, smooth, flavorful, just can't live without it!


The best coffee and service in the world...