Hawaiian Loco Moco for Dad

Hawaiian Loco Moco for Dad

Whip up a new Father's Day tradition with our Hawaiian Loco Moco dish, a delicious combination of white rice topped with a hamburger, egg, and gravy! This is a dish that has been served in Hawaii for over 75 years, originating in Hilo, and it's a classic that the locals crave. 

The story behind it goes something like this. . . 

In 1949, teenagers were searching for an inexpensive sandwich that would still hit the spot, so they asked the proprietors of the Lincoln Grill to whip something up! With rice, a hamburger patty, and brown gravy~ the solution to a burger on a budget was born! The teens named the dish Loco Moco after one of their buddies, whose nickname was “crazy” (loco)!

Today’s version features an egg, which was later added to the dish and has stuck in true traditional style and is delicious!

OUR Hawaiian Loco Moco puts a twist on tradition with island spices, flavors, and the NOH Loco Moco gravy mix! We’ve also incorporated Kiawe Liquid Smoke and Aloha Maui Onion Gourmet Sea Salt from For J's Hawaii to pack the burger with flavor, Macadamia Nut Premium Oil from Maiden Hawaii Naturals and the Original Kona Coffee Rub from Da Kine Hawaiian.

Treat Dad with an Island favorite that will quickly become his new favorite dish! 


For the beef:
½ lb ground grass-fed beef 80/20 Preferred
2 cloves garlic minced
A dash of For J's Hawaii Kiawe Liquid Smoke
1 teaspoon For J's Hawaii Maui Onion Gourmet Sea Salt
Dash of black pepper

For the gravy:
1 packet of Noh Foods Hawai'i Loco Moco Gravy Mix

To plate Loco Moco:
2 cups white rice
½ tsp Maiden Hawaii Naturals Macadamia Nut Premium Oil
2 over easy fried eggs
1 green onion stalks minced
Da Kine Hawaiian Original Kona Coffee Rub


Make ONE LARGE patty for DAD!
Combine the ground beef with the garlic, kiawe liquid smoke, maui onion sea salt, and pepper.

Whip up the gravy! Prepare according NOH Loco Moco Gravy packet

In a large skillet, add macadamia nut oil over medium high heat.

Add the beef patty, cook until browned on each side and to your desired beef doneness.

On a large plate, assemble as follows:

  • Add rice 
  • Top with beef patty
  • Cover with gravy
  • Top with fried egg
  • Sprinkle Da Kine Hawaiian Original Rub and garnish with green onion

Serve to Dad immediately!

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