Kalua Turkey- A Hawaiian Thanksgiving Tradition

Thanksgiving Kalua Turkey

In Hawai'i, Thanksgiving is a holiday filled with flavor and culinary delights and this Kalua Turkey recipe is a favorite!

Not to mention, it's been the winner of our family turkey cookoff year after year. Sorry, fried turkey- you're delicious, but nothing competes with the tenderness of this mouthwatering recipe.

And the best part? You can cook it in the electric roaster, leaving room in the oven for the rest of your Thanksgiving day feast! Say goodbye to the stress of following a strict cooking itinerary on the big day, and hello to your new favorite (and easy) turkey recipe! 



  1. Preheat a electric roasting oven* to 350 degrees. (Frees up the oven for other dishes and less heat in the kitchen)
  2. Apply Da Kine Hawaiian Macadamia Oil liberally to the outisde and inside of turkey (make sure to remove the turkey giblets and inners).
  3. Liberally apply Maui Onion Sea Salt to the entire turkey inside and outside.
  4. Pour For Js Kiawe Liquid Smoke to the inside and outside of the turkey evenly. 
  5. Line the roaster oven with aluminum foil. Next line with ti leaves - leave enough room so that you can wrap around turkey. Place ti leaves on top of turkey and tuck under turkey. (Omit this step if you do not have ti leaves and wrap turkey with aluminum foil) Once wrapped with ti leaves top turkey with aluminum foil and crimp tightly around turkey. 
  6. Roast for 5-6 hours, turkey should be a golden brown and thermometer inserted into the deepest part of the thigh registers 165 degrees. This is where the turkey will be melting off the bone, making for easy shredding. Turn off heat and put a warm towel on the turkey to keep moisture in and let rest for 30 min. 
  7. Shred turkey meat - the turkey will be hot, a pair of forks and tongs will make light work of the shredding. Transfer to a serving platter lined with ti leaves.

If you bring Kalua turkey to your Thanksgiving get together this year, you're bound to be asked to make it again and again. But don't worry because this recipe is so simple, you'll look forward to doing it every year. 

To make it even simpler for you, we put all of the Hawaiian spices and ingredients you'll need into our Hawaiian Holiday Thanksgiving Gift Box.

Celebrate this Thanksgiving the Hawai'i way- by sharing holiday joy and love through family tradition. 

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