Mochi Foods - Banana "Maffle" Mochi Waffle Mix

 Maffles - A Hawaiian twist on the waffle!  

This popular Hawaii-made mochi waffle mix  is made with rice flour combined with the tropical flavor of banana. 

Easy to make. Just add milk, oil and an egg, mix it, and then scoop it into balls. Roll in sugar, then press it in the waffle iron.  Hawaii meets liege waffle: the sugar on the outside caramelizes into a crisp, sweet exterior, and the inside is soft. Delicious! 

Drizzle with Dip Into Paradise Coconut Syrup or Da Kine Hawaiian Pineapple Syrup

Ingredients: Modified Starch, Wheat, Starch, Sugar, Rice Flour, Salt, Dough Improver, Banana Flavor

Size: 8oz