Hawaiian Hibiscus Mint Cooler

Hawaiian Hibiscus Mint Cooler

It's the last days of Summer and time to COOL down with a refreshing Hibiscus Mint Cooler this Labor Day Weekend!

It’s easy to make and we have a variety of the BEST Hibiscus Teas available made locally on the Big Island and Maui including: 

  • ⠀Maui Rainbow Tea Hibiscus & Hawaiian Fruit Herbal Tea
  • ⠀Oribe Tea Hibiscus Mint with Mamaki Cold Brew Iced Tea
  • ⠀Maui Rainbow Tea Wild Berry Hibiscus Herbal Tea⠀

To make a Hibiscus Cooler:

  • Make tea according to package instructions.
  • Pour 3/4 c tea into glass cup with ice
  • Top off with a sprig of mint

If desired, add a little sparkling water to make it fancy!

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