Hamakua Ube Latte

Hamakua Ube Latte using Hamakua Coast Premium Ube Syrup and Llanes Coffee Estate Kona Coffee

We needed an afternoon pick me up and this Hamakua Ube Latte hit the spot. Pretty and delicious this latte treat incorporates Hamakua Coast Premium Ube Syrup and Llanes Coffee Estates 100% Kona Coffee.

Ube (pronounced ooh-bae) is a yam that was brought to Hawaii by Filipino immigrants. It is commonly mixed up with the Okinawan sweet potato. Ube are grown above ground, where sweet potatoes are grown underground. Although both have that rich purple color and sweet flavor, ube has more of a nutty subtle flavor and used in many culinary creations.


In sequence, add the Hamakua Coast Premium Ube Syrup, Milk, Ice, & Kona Coffee in a glass and top with Whip Cream. Add about a 1/2 tsp of Hamakua Coast Premium Ube Syrup to the top of the Whip Cream.

Enjoy! 💜

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