Kipimana Hawaiian Granola - Macadamia Granola w/ Turmeric

Based on the Big Island of Hawai'i, Kipimana Hawaiian Granola uses the finest Hawaiian Macadamia Honey, Hawaiian Macadamia Oil, and Hawaiian Macadamia Nuts all sourced on the Hawai'i Island. Their Original Macadamia Granola is paired with 'Olena (Turmeric) and a few spices. It has a delicious savory, slightly exotic flavor with that satisfying macadamia crunch.

'Olena (tumeric) means 'yellow' in Hawaiian. The roots of 'Olena were a source of yellow dye, as well as an important medicine. A member of the ginger plant family, it is fragrant, with a warm, earthy flavor.  

Contains:  No artificial ingredients, salt, GMOs, cholesterol, wheat, trans fats, dairy, soy or peanuts. 

Made in the beautiful town of Hilo on the Big Island. 

Size: 12 oz